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Playing the piano without consistent practice or finger training techniques is like a soccer player learning how to play soccer without a ball...


identify need

We will uncover the "why" underlying the reason you wish to take piano lessons. 

create gameplan

A blueprint will be created outlining the steps required in order to achieve the desired goal. A goal deadline will also be set. 


In this stage, we execute the gameplay within the desired time frame. 


Congratulations! You have reached your goal. Here we self-reflect and compare your skills, pre- and post-coaching session. 

Private Coaching

$50.00 / 60 minutes
My virtual, private coaching sessions require commitment and consistent practice.
Before I accept any students, a 15-minute, free introductory phone call is held. This allows the piano teacher and prospective piano student to see if they are a good fit. 
You receive optimal benefits when learning piano with a piano teacher that understands your needs and how to execute them accordingly. If you are serious about private coaching, please click on the Calendly link below to schedule a free, 15-minute phone call.
  • Unlimited support outside of scheduled session via email or phone call
  • Weekly tailored resources and assignments that must be completed weekly. This will be specific to your needs.
  • One weekly Zoom video conferencing session  (1 hour in length) where we discuss goals and work on desired goal